Eyedropper For Mac: DigitalColor Meter


DigitalColor Meter
DigitalColor Meter for Mac


Specifically for you web designers out there, here is a handy built in Mac OS app that I didn’t know about until now. I was in search for a Mac alternative to Iconico’s Colorpic Tool (http://bit.ly/abxtW5) and happen to stumble upon the DigitalColor Meter app.

This tool does one thing, but does it really well. DigitalColor Meter will help you easily identify the exact RGB values for any pixel on the screen. I wish I had known about this ages ago. What a time saver! You can even copy and paste the exact RGB 8-bit HEX value for easy coding using keyboard shortcuts: Command-Shift-C

Here is where you can find DigitalColor Meter on your Mac: /Applications/Utilities

So go on, drag this little gem to your desktop dock for easy access.

— Dk


AfriKha Report 5 (Oct 22-Nov 5 To FIN)

Oct 23 – Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa (Island Vibe): Hang over day. Ate at The Mexican in the arvo.

Oct 24 – Addo, South Africa (Orange Elephant Camp): Safari through Addo National Park.

Oct 25 – Aliwal North, Lesotho (Moorosi Chalets): Aussie Tim and New Zealand Sarah (The last couple) had someone try to get into their tent. Luckily they went to bed early and were in there. Crazy, crazy, CRAZY rain, thunder, lighting storm while entering Lesotho. So crazy that the water made the roads too muddy and dangerous to drive. We had to park on the side of the road to camp. No pitching tents. We all decided to slumber in Gunga (our truck).

Oct 26 – Malealea, Lesotho (Malealea Lodge): Rain go away!!! Drove through the Gates Of Paradise. Still in the storm. Hail the size of marbles hit us hard. Poor Gunga and her fiberglass roof…and our ears.

Oct 27 – Malealea, Lesotho (Malealea Lodge): Quazi sunny day. Rain teasing us for now. Skipped out on the pony trek through the landscapes of Lesotho. The next time I ride a horse’ish like animal is when RJ wants to experience it. Otherwise, not on my own terms.

Amazing local family village dinner with Meusi and his son Dohwa (misspelling the names). Thank you again!

4AM, thunder and lightning storms are back. Stayed up and watched the lightning from my tent door. Flashed bright every couple seconds.

Oct 28 – Drakensberg National Park, South Africa (Maahai Camp) – G’bye Lesotho. Last new country of the trip, however it didn’t want us to go right away. We got stuck in the mud. Shovels + pushing + mud + rocks + mud + locals + 2 hours = finally on our way. Drove through the Golden Gate National Park. Beautiful landscape.

Oct 29 – Drakensberg National Park, South Africa (Maahai Camp) – Raining again. Ugh! Will not be able to hike the Dragensberg National Park. Lame.

Oct 30 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Final dinner with everyone at Moyo.

Oct 31 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Official end of our tour. Sad.

Nov 1-3 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Watched Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and “District 9”. Visited Shopping Malls.

Skipped out on Kruger National Park due to multiple reasons.

Nov 4 & 5 – London, England (Sleeping at LHR): One day in London. Brilliant city. I want to move here.

(poof redding not avilable)

AfriKha Report 4 (Oct 14-Oct 22)

Oct 13 – Cape Town, South Africa (The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre): Final drive with the large group. Cape Town woohoo!!! Civilization woohoo!!! Checked out Table Mountain by cable car. I would describe it as ‘cliffy’. Hellish experience getting off the table. Cable car broke down. Stuck at the top with 60 screaming / farting children for an hour and a half. Ate dinner at Nelson’s Eye. Amazing t-bone steak.

Oct 14 – Cape Town, South Africa (The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre): Shark diving! 2-3 meter sharks swam around us. Not too fiesty, but still an intimidating experience.

Oct 15 – Cape Town, South Africa (The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre): Attempted to check out Robben Island. Long story short…loaded the boat, boat left port, very choppy waters, 10 minutes later boat turns around, people below deck vomiting. Trip canceled. Ticket refunded.

Walked all around Cape Town instead with me lonesomes. Checked out the waterfront and Long Street.

Oct 16 – Cape Town, South Africa (The Backpack and Africa Travel Centre): Party night to say goodbye to a few people.

Goodbye Amy, Alice, and Nic! We’ll miss you. Safe travels!!!

During the time we spent at Cape Town there have been 3 muggings. 6 people from another truck by knife point, 2 girls walking 10 feet from the hostel, and an older man at Park St. Cape Town isn’t even on the radar compared to Jo’burg. I hate that locked down feeling. I wonder how Jo’burg is going to be.

Oct 17 – Cape Agulhas, South Africa (Swellendam): Agulhas National Park, the southern most point in Africa. Got yelled at by Ms. Old Crabby Pants at the ticketing table for the lighthouse. Then climbed it.

Oct 18 – Outshoorn, South Africa (Backpackers Paradise & Joyride): Rode an ostritch at the ostrich farm. Climbed the tiny inlets of The Cango Caves. Truck almost broke down again. Will need to be fixed tomorrow or we’ll be delayed a day.

Oct 19 – Storm’s River, South Africa (Tube ‘n’ Axe Camp): Drive day.

Oct 20 – Storm’s River, South Africa (Tube ‘n’ Axe Camp): Hiked the most scenic hike of my life through the Tsitsikamma National Park using the Otter Trail. Damn I wish RJ was here with me!!!

Oct 21 – Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa (Island Vibe): Highest bungee jump at Bloukrans Bridge. Ticked off my list, woohoo! Dinner at 3 Fat Fish.

Oct 22 – Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa (Island Vibe): Walking the town. Ate lunch at 3 Fat Fish. Dinner tonight, 3 Fat Fish.

(Um, yea. No proof reading…$$$)

AfriKha Report 3 (Sept 23-Oct 13)

Sept 23 – Kasane, Botswana (Thebe River Camp): Chobe river safari cruise. Largest density of elephants. No kidding. There were tons. Could count over 100 from wqhat we could see but there were many more.

Found out Carol our tour leader will be leaving us before Cape Town. We’ll be getting a new leader named Sam who is Colin’s GF.

Thanks Carol, for all you’ve done. The majority of people appreciate your hard work. Unfortunately some are blind.

Sept 24 – Maun, Botswana (Sitatunga Camp): Another long drive. Another thinking period.

Sept 25 & 26 – Okavango Delta, Botswana (Bush Camp): Finally made it there and all expectations held up. Too bad I was only there for two nights. Could have stayed here for a couple weeks. This place is vast and large. Only walked about 3% of it. Highlights: Three water buffalos charged us, Mokoro sunset cruise to the hippo pool (goes beyond all logic on how close we got to them), found me some procupine quills!

Sept 27 – Maun, Botswana (Sitatunga Camp): Scenic flight over the Okavango Delta. No loopty loops however.

Sept 28 – Tsidilo Hills, Botswana (Bush Camp): Hot long drive. Decided not to hike to see rock paintings.

Sept 29 – Baobob Tree, Namibia (Bush Camp): Big ole baobobby tree.

Sept 30 – Etosha, Namibia (Okakeujo Camp): The most fantastical lodge we’ve stayed in by far. Too bad we were only here for one day. The bar even had a beer on draught. Of course, another light beer. The lodge is next to a watering hole where animals congregate at night to drink. I could have sat there all day/night and watched. Got to see how animals act at night trying to get a single sip of water.

Oct 01 – Kamanjab, Namibia (Cheetah Park): Hung out with two tamed adult cheetahs and a cub. Great photos with them. After, we fed 19 untamed rescued cheetahs. They are wild…

Oct 02 – Brakenburg Mountains, Namibia (Bush Camp): Another missed photo op. Stooopid me. Had the opportunity to capture the Himba Tribe. Didn’t go…no excuses.

Oct 03 – Namibia (Bush Camp): Our last bush camp for the entire trip. I survived having to do “big business” in the bush! Beautiful campsite located in the middle of a mountain range. I could stay here for a couple weeks to take photos.

Oct 04-06 – Swakopmund, Namibia (Swakop Lodge): A strange little German town located in the middle of the dunes. Feels good to get off the truck for a few days. Sandboarded/Sledded down dunes and went quad biking. I have not had that much fun on a vehicle as I did quad biking the dunes. It was having a blast! Highly recommended for anyone considering it. Ate at the Lighthouse restaurant. Huge portions and a delicious t-bone steak…the XL pints weren’t too bad either.

Oct 07 – Sessriem, Namibia (Agama Camp): Quick stop by Solitaire Camp for the famous apple strudels. Another long drive day.

Oct 08 – Bethanie, Namibia (Konkeip Lapa Camp): 5Am start. Soussusvlei (pronounced: ‘sausage fillet’) Tour. Climbed the famous Dune 45. All the way to the top. Even pocketed some sand to take home. I even wanted to mark my territory.

Oct 09 – Orange River, South Africa (Fiddler’s Creek Camp): Second to last country on the trip. Quick stop to Fish River Canyon. This is what I imagine the Grand Canyon to be like.

Oct 10 – South Africa (Clan William Camp): Skipped out on wine tasting with cheese. I did figure out that I can enjoy a glass of Rose wine. Observed people that don’t drink get drunk. Hmmm, good to be 21 again I guess.

Oct 11 – Stellenbosch, South Africa (Stumble Inn): Rain rain rain. 3 of 4 truck cleans. Modified version this time because of the rain. Arrived in Stellenbosch in the arvo. Another small German town with lots of restaurants I want to try. However, not enough time here for that. Apparently this is the wine capital of South Africa. Reminds me of Nappa Valley with RJ, but with a wider range of stores and actual people around.

Our tour leader Carol left us this day. How sad…

Oct 12 -Stellenbosch, South Africa (Stumble Inn): Rain again…skipping the wine tour. Wandered the streets with me lonesome. Feels good to get away from the group at times. Found a rare item that I’ve been searching for throughout the trip. RJ will love it.

Oct 13 – Cape Town, South Africa (Backpackers): Cape Town here I come!!!

(Another disclaimer, no proof reading allowed during costly interwebs time.)


AfriKha Report 2 (Aug 10-Sept 22)

Aug 10 – Ruhengeri, Rwanda: Walked around Ruhengeri. Ordered chicken curry, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get. Got to love Africa time…

Aug 11 – Lake Bunyoni, Uganda: Lakeside resort. Sang camp songs around a fire pit. Mmmm, camp songs that are not suitable for kids.

Aug 12 – Uganda (Naboth’s Bush Camp): Camped in cow and goat dookie. Fighting to not have to use the bathroom. Success!

Aug 13 – Kampala, Uganda (Red Chili Hidaway): Stopped by the equator. Same spot as Ewen and Charley in Long Way Down. Saw the spinning water. Meh. Drinking games that night. I always lost.

Aug 14 – Kampala, Uganda (Red Chili Hideaway): Skyped RJ. Late start on the road because half the group is missing. Carol (Tour Leader) not happy.

Aug 15 &16 – Jinja, Uganda (Nile River Explorers): A.K.A. “The Black Hole”. Camped on a cliffside overlooking the Nile River. Class 5 white water rafting the Nile. Fun. Intense. Flipped once on purpose. Should never do that again. Swallowed too much Nile orrr animal/local’s bathroom facility. Busted my knee on a rock.

Later that night, toga party in the bar for Aussie Tim’s birthday. Next morning, top 5 worst hang overs of my life. Puked and had good conversations with the porcelain gods. “I’m never drinking again” blah blah blah.

Aug 17 – Nakuru, Kenya (Kembo Camp): 12 hour drive. Long drop toilets are my nemesis. Played ping pong at the bar. Good memories of AT&T days.Long drive days bring me down. Missing home and especially RJ.

Aug 18 – Lake Naivasha, Kenya (Fisherman’ Camp): FIRST AFRICAN GAME DRIVE FINALLY!!! It was packed with numerous animals. I could do this everyday…all day. We saw the “big 5”. Very very lucky to see the shy leopard in the middle of the warm day. Layed out underneath a tree for about 10 minutes. The other folks from the tour missed it.

Aug 19-21 – Karen, Kenya (Karen Camp): First truck clean. Took 2 hours. P.I.A. Said goodbye to some of the people on the tour. Said hello to newbies joining the tour. The start of the segregation in our group. Visited a Giraffe Sanctuary to feed these giant beast.

Aug 22 – Arusha, Tanzania (Meserani Snake Park): 14 new people on board. Already missing the original starting group. More adventurous and open minded. No drama. Issabelle no longer my tent partner. No worries though. Got to tent on my own. Yay!

Aug 23 – Karautu, Tanzania (Kudo Camp): Ngongoro Crater. Speachless. Amazing. Off to the Serengeti.

Aug 24 – Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (Bush Camp): 4 hours of hot, bumpy, dusty road ahead of us. Overall…Wow!

Aug 25 – Arusha, Tanzania (Meserani Snake Park): Last day in the Serengeti. Amazing moment #1: Mufasa was finally spotted. Walked between the cars in confidence. Then across the plain. Picture perfect Africa. Amazing moment #2: Four cheetah brothers on the hunt for a single redbuck (so we thought). Two cheetash from the back, two flanking from the side. GO! The redbuck on watch failed. About twenty other redbucks got up from out of nowhere and ran. The cheetahs got one in matters of seconds. Discovery channel does not play the screaming sounds of the prey. AMAZING!

Aug 26 – Tanzania (Segura Motel Zebra Campsite): Maasai museum and culture walk. Yesss, finally got a Maasai spear. How am I getting this bad boy home?

Aug 27 – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (Mikarde Beach): Another long drive. Getting ready to physically kick locals of the truck to prevent stealing parts off.

Aug 28-30 – Zanzibar (Sunset Beach Bungalows): White sand beach resort. Doesn’t feel like Africa anymore. Party. Smoothies. Party. Beer. Party. Smoothies. Party some more.

Aug 31 – Stonetown, Zanzibar (Safari Lodge): Oh dayam…I’m feeling like shit. Headache, light headed, hot, cold, sweating. Malaria? Three other people sick as well. Terrible drive to Stonetown. Checked into the lodge. Crashed on the bed. Carol did a malaria test on me. Pricked my finger. Ouch. Phew, negative. Diagnosed as food poisoning from the buffet the night before. Everything came out on each end. Feeling like a shell of my body. Another missed opportunity. Completely missed photo ops in Stonetown. Ugh!!!

Sept 01 – Tanzania (Bush Camp): Feeling sick still. Two hour motion sickness boat ride crowded with locals. Not sure how I survived it without puking. At the bush camp…Please don’t go #2…please don’t go #2. Semi-successful.

Sept 02 – Tanzania (Bush Camp): “Game drive” on the Oasis truck through a park. Forgot the name. Afterwards, arriving at the bush camp we got our first truck issue. Two flat tires. No big deal, however, we have no more spare tires. Exciting!

Sept 03 – Chitimba Beach, Malawi (Chitimba Camp): Got yelled at  in the morning by a local thinking I was taking photos of him. Uh oh, truck spluttered then stopped. Gears grinding. Shit! Truck is  broken. Stuck on the side of the road for a few hours. In the end, it all worked out. We got to stay in a nice hotel! Colin the allstar driver/mechanic got the truck working again later in the night. He was able to find parts on a Sunday when all shops are closed.

Sept 04 – Chitimba Beach, Malawi (Chitimba Camp): Finally made it to Malawi! “Wow, it looks like an ocean”. I’m just another statistic.

Sept 05-07 – Kande Beach, Malawi (Kande Camp): Upgrade to a beach front bungalow. Amazing view. Ordered a live pig and had it cooked over a fire. Delicious. Vegetarians were not happy. Tired of animal conservation talk by now. Partied and partied again.

Sept 08 – Lilongwe, Malawi (Mabuya Camp a.k.a. Kiboko Camp): Another long drive. Another day of thinking, missing home, and RJ.

Sept 10 – Mozambique (Bush Camp): Driving straight through Mozambique to get to Zimbabwe.   Not getting a chance to buy a  postcard. Bummer.

Sept 11-12 – Kimbiri Shiri, Zimbabwe (Birdland Campsite): Learned a lot about the dangers of Zim. How corrupted the country is and was. On the incline for the better. Had our first ridiculous complaint meeting with the tour group. Petty ass bullshit to whine for the sake of whining. Lame.

Sept 13-16 – Gweru, Zimbabwe (Antelope Park Game Ranch): Speachless again. Where do I start? Let’s just list the activities:

  • Lion cub watching/petting/touching
  • Lion cub feeding
  • Adult lion feeding
  • Adult lion walking
  • Elephant ride
  • Horseback safari

Broke the bank at AP but oh so worth it. Paid $65 for a DVD and it didn’t come with a case, but oh so worth it again.

Sept 17 & 18 – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Burt’s Paradise): Rhino walking safari. Didn’t get to see a black rhino but still the best safari so far. The guides (professional certified hunters)were renowned to be the best of the best. Didn’t fail. If I didn’t see any animals, it still would have been amazing. So much information about bush life and how to read it.

Sept 19-22 – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia (Victoria Falls Rest Camp): It’s go time. “Shit got real”. Another list:

  • Bungee Jump
  • Bridge Swing
  • Zip Line across the canyon
  • 2 Gorge  Swings
  • Zip Line down the canyon
  • Flying Fox across the canyon

Ordered the DVD and it’s missing my first Gorge Swing. Damn. I did it backwards too. Emailed them and hopefully they find it.


(Disclaimer: I didn’t proof read this entry. Hopefully my ESL is up and running today…)

www.danielkha.com LAUNCHED!

DK Photography

My photofolio is officially launched. After a challenging domain transfer process and some coding done in an African internet cafe, the site has been launched for viewing.


Would love to hear some feedback. Enjoy!

AfriKha Report 1 (July 28-Aug 09)

Finally got a good enough interwebs connection to put a few posts up. This is my first report from Africa. Keeping it short as I don’t know how long I’ll be connected.

July 28th – Flew SEA > LHR > DOH > NBO

  • SEA > LHR: I got red flagged due to some system match. Ended up being the last one on and was lucky enough to not have to check in my bags. However, an amazing Boeing 777.
  • LHR > DOH: 2 hours is not enough time to connect. Ran through LHR. Completely out of shape.
  • DOH > NBO: Typical flight.

July 30th – Arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. Taxied over to Wildebeest Camp. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Aug 3rd – Tour starts. YAY! Can’t wait to get out of Nairobi. Camping at Lake Naivasha Fishermans Camp in Kenya.

  • Camped close to the lake, but not close to the shore. Wild hippos come out at night to graze along the shore. They are ginormous!

Aug 4th – Camped at some random bush camp in Kenya.

Aug 5th – Uganda. Camped at Red Chili in Kampala, Uganda.

Aug 6th – Uganda. Camped at Little Ritz in Kabali, Uganda.

Aug 7th – No tents for 4 days. At a dorm hostel called Fatima in Ruhengeri, Rwanda.

  • Rwanda is my favorite country so far out of the three visited. Everyone is so friendly and rules are more enforced.
  • Hiked to the mountain gorillas on Volcanoes National Park. Amazing. The family was lead by a large silver back and the family was made up of females and one baby. At one point, two females were performing sexual acts with each other and the silver back got pissed. Big no no in mountain gorilla society. The silver back literally ran through us, bit the female, then ran back and brushed our legs. That’s how close we get to them. Speechless.

Aug 8th – Still at Fatima. Saw the Banana Beer making process.

Aug 9th – Still at Fatima. 2 hour hike to some lakes and waterfalls. Then a canoe ride around the lake.

Side note. I don’t do holes for bathrooms. End note.