Welcome to my new redesigned site! I’ve been contemplating about hopping on the blogging band wagon since it became ‘mainstream’, or when the term “blog” came to be. That was roughly around 2001ish. I’ve also wanted to jot down my thoughts on paper, or even start a journal or ‘manly’ diary if you will, ever since I started to forget one of the most important things in life, my memories (damn that scrumptious beer!). Good or bad, it doesn’t matter (depending on how bad I guess). As long as you still have it stored in your head, you can always reflect back to them as life learning situations or to mentally put you at the place where you were the happiest. However, once they’re gone, it’s hard to dig deep into your mind and get them back. Why not write it down?

So, if I remember the proper arithmetic equation to use, it’s about 7 or fewer years since I thought about writing. Sadly enough, that’s about the right time frame for when my body’s actions syncs with my mind and actually makes something happen. The body also got a kick start with the encouragement from my SF Roll. That piece of sushi can be quite the influence. Anyways, the main focus for my online diary, ermm…..blog, isn’t to tell you readers things about me or my life (otherwise you guys would have read the first blog or two and closed the site to never venture back again while crying in boredom). My focus is to be somewhat informative. This will become sporadic at times until I get a consistent theme going. My years of experience at surfing the Information Super Highway has filled my marble sized brain with information that is relevant to me. I hope to expose that information to you through this site and hope you continue to like me, as that will boost my pride.

(From this point on, I will continue to use the word ‘blog’ for my own personal issues)

I do have a friendly bet going on (no fortune for winning, so not sure where the motivation is. Ah, motivation, what a word….). The question at hand was how long I would actually keep this blog updated. I guesstimated my efforts while keeping the realist me in mind. Surprisingly, someone else has given me more credit. We’ll see what happens…

Well, thanks for sticking it out and reading to this point. I am curious as to what brought you to my site, email me and let me know!

Kwa Heri!