Poste Restante

Regardless of where you travel to these days, weight restrictions and carry-on regulations can put you in a bind when you want to take that must have souvenir home. Instead of lugging it on the plane (if you even can) or checking it in hoping that the luggage handlers will care for it as if it were your first child, why not ship it…to yourself? The folks at Life Hacker and Upgrade: Travel Better have posted a great travel tip for mailing your package to your local post office (or wherever). Then simply pick it up yourself when you arrive.

Poste restante is an old fashioned mail-pickup service that most countries’ postal services still provide. Mail is addressed to a person, but in lieu of an address for delivery, the mail is sent to a post office branch, where you pick it up. You’ll usually address mail to Name, Poste Restante, the specific name of the post office (usually the main, central office), that branch’s street location, city, postal code, and country. Of course, you need to KNOW the location you’ll be picking it up from beforehand. Check the website of your destination’s postal service before you ship things off.”

Check out their post after the jump. Good luck!

Source: Life Hacker ; Upgrade: Travel Better