Oh Snapp!!!

Are you in need of a thirst quencher? How about a thirst quencher with benefits? Are you tired of awkward silences on a first date? Do you need a creative game to play to break the silence? Then break open a Snapple drink and guzzle it down, but WAIT! Don’t throw the bottle away! There’s an exciting “REAL fact” underneath the cap to stimulate the brain. How delightful!!!

What am I doing? I don’t even work for Snapple…

Here is a fun game that I play with my work lunch buddies when there is nothing to talk about. Underneath each Snapple cap there is a “Real Fact” (claimed by Snapple, although some proven wrong). Most of the facts can be turned into a trivia question. Turn your cap into one and watch your friends exercise their noggins. The winner usually gets to keep the cap for bragging rights. Wow, this is sounding very geeky as I type it out. Anyhoo, get your ‘Snapp’ on and start quizzing!

There are over 400 Snapple facts, but that doesn’t mean repeats never happen.