Steve Jobs

If you want to be Apple Computer’s Chief Executive, would you accept the offer of US$1.00 per year? Doubtful. What if I said you get US$1.00 plus benefits? Ahhh, money with benefits just like friends with benefits. If you were Steve Jobs, Mr. Guinness World Record for the “Lowest Paid Chief Executive Officer”, you would only be making an annual salary of ONE DOLLAR. But wait, what about the benefits? Let’s do that math and everyone chant “big money big money big money” with me.

Steven J returned to Apple with an annual salary of US$1, received somewhere around 40 million shares (00-07) of restricted stock (valued well over US$700 million as of this post. Last month exceeded US$1 billion), and 120K fully vested options (netted a paper gain of US$14.6 million). To top it off, he also receives lucrative “executive gifts” from the board such as a US$90 million Gulfstream V jet.

I guess I would suck up the pressure of being at that level and take that chump change, but do I have to be successful?

So how do some of the other Apple Chiefs and Executives measure up as of this year?

COO – Timothy D. Cook: Annual Salary US$700,014+ US$600,239 Bonus + 500K Stock Options
Senior VP & CFO Peter Oppenheimer: Annual Salary US$600,012 + US$550K Bonus + 1,145,000 Stock Options
Past Senior VP (iPod Division) Jonathan Rubinstein: Annual Salary US$? + US$551,239 Bonus + ? Stock Options
Current Senior VP (iPod Division) Anthony Fadell: Annual Salary US$500,009 + US$? Bonus + ? Stock Options
Senior VP (Retail) Ronald B. Johnson: Annual Salary US$600,012 + US$? Bonus + 350K Stock Options

Time to go check my lucky lotto numbers…