Dont Run!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run by. Peter Allison is a collection of hilarious true stories from one of today’s top African safari guides. At the age of 19, Allison set off for a year-long stay in Africa (sooo jealous). Decades later he is still leading safaris and guiding tourists on numerous adventures throughout the African landscape. In his book, he describes going face to face with a wild lion….3 times, being stranded with tourists in the middle of hippopotamus filled rivers, getting lost in the Okavango Delta, jumping out of the way from a charging elephant, plus much much more. This book has given me the jump start needed to get my African travels started. To understand the true beauty of wildlife and what attracts me to this land, I suggest picking this book up and preparing yourself with entertaining tales of Africa.

A funny excerpt from the book about running from lions: Two guys are out walking when they see a lion, and it starts stalking them. One of the guys kicks off his hiking boots, reaches into a backpack, whips out some running shoes, and starts lacing them up. “What are you doing ?” the other asks. “You can’t outrun a lion!”
“I don’t need to,” comes the reply. “I only have to outrun you”.

Peter Allison

Classic Safari Company

“Remember, only food runs…”