While traveling around last year in Vietnam I often found myself looking like a deer in headlights when it came to finding a good internet cafe. Yea, you can ask the hotel/hostel you’re staying at. Yea, you can ask the taxi drivers. Yea, you can ask the locals. All I got out of that was someone pointing to the nearest one the eye could see. Being in Vietnam and all, the closest one didn’t mean one with a working machine.

Keeping in touch with friends and family is an integral part of traveling. Here is a site that will hopefully help fellow nomads find local internet cafes in almost any country:

Cybercafes: The site contains a database of 4028 internet cafes in 141 countries…and growing. Not only will you get the Name, City, Address, and Contact info; you’ll also be provided with Hours, Price, and Facility information.

So bookmark this site and hopefully you won’t be left stranded without the internet (Remember to print out a list of options before heading out on the road).