Red Door

Good news folks! I am no longer deprived from editing my photos. On May 13, 2008 Canon finally updated their website with the latest and greatest Digital Photo Professional software update. Instead of the much anticipated v3.3.1 update that everyone expected, the new build is v3.4.1. So, that means the photographers that purchased the new Canon XSi will also have to grab the update for the latest changes. For all changes included in the update, check it out at Canon’s Support page.

*UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: May 13th’s v3.4.1 updater does not work with MAC OSX Leopard (10.5). Paralyzed again? No no my friends, 7 days and a few vulgar comments later, Canon updated their site again with May 20th’s v3.4.1. Which I am happy to announce, works with MAC OSX Leopard.

**Quick note: A good friend and talented photographer has been trying out Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom v2.0 Beta and has given it high remarks. I may give that application a try.

***Update to the update to the update? I am no longer using DPP. I am now fanatical about Adobe’s Lightroom 2 software.