Canon 5D Mark II

I’ve recently updated my photography gear in order to make a move to a Full-Frame sensor camera. Which one am I getting? The Canon 5D Mark II. Why not a Nikon D700? Not to get into this too much. I don’t like to get involved in the Canon versus Nikon, my DSLR is better than your DSLR, mine is sharper, my zoom lens gets longer than yours when I manhandle it…etc BullS**t. Just go out there, have fun and take pictures. I will say I do understand the importance of manufacture competition.

Nikon is a powerhouse too, but I’ve been using Canon for awhile now. My camera does what I need it to do with no complaints. If someone gave me a Nikon D700, I’d be happy to shoot with it as well. I have invested in Canon lenses that cover the trajectory that fits my needs.

So, choose one of the top manufacturers and get the camera that has the best body fitment and button placement in your hands, the trajectory that you need, and go out and shoot to increase that knowledge and experience. No one ever said, Beethoven was a good pianist because of the piano he used, or Jimi Hendrix could only make music with a certain brand of guitar, or, well you get the point. It’s the photographer. Once again, go out there and use your gear and don’t dwell on whether or not you chose the right manufacturer.

Even though we all know, Canon rules all! OK, I kid I kid…

Why upgrade from the Canon 30D to the Canon 5D Mark II?

  • Canon 30D has a cropped x1.6 APS-C sensor. The Canon 5DMKII has a Full-Frame 35 mm format equivalent sensor. More details and wide angle opportunities.
  • Canon’s Claim: Canon’s DIG!C IV processor for high ISO noise reduction and possibly faster buffer times
  • Canon’s Claim: New and improved low light capabilities
  • Sensor Dust Reduction by vibration
  • Full body weather seal for my OCD’ness
  • Got to love Live View when getting into painful distorted positions
  • Infrared for Canon’s wireless remote shutter control
  • Upgrading to a 3″ LCD

But, but, but wait! You didn’t mention the HD video! If you ask me today, I’m a still shooter. I don’t have much of any knowledge on shooting/editing video. Cool feature, but not a necessity for me. Ask me again next year and if I see amazing videos people are able to produce, then I will take back this statement. I will say that due to HD video, the battery life will be much longer. Yay!

Trajectory Update:

I have sold my beloved Canon 17-55 mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens. Unfortunately, in order to upgrade to Full-Frame I need to ditch the EFS mounted lens. That was a fantastic piece of glass. Although not L quality build but L quality results.

Recently I purchased Canon’s reputable 50 mm f/1.4 USM lens. This is a super fast lens and a very VERY sharp one indeed. It’s light weight and gets my feet moving for more creativity. Right now I’m using it as my walk around lens and I think going forward it will be the lens that will stay mounted for the majority of the time.

The next lens I purchase will be the Canon 16-35 mm f/2.8L II IS USM lens. 16 mm wide on a Full-Frame sensor camera will be awesome for ultra wide landscape shots. I can’t wait to get this lens and try it out.

So my total trajectory will be 16-280 mm. I will have some gaps that I don’t necessarily need yet.

Point & Shooter Update:

I also sold my little Canon SD870IS point and shooter. I have not missed it one bit. I purchased Canon’s flag ship compact camera, the Canon G10.  Why? Simply put, it also shoots RAW. So far this little beast has worked out really well. The main reason I wanted a compact camera next to my DSLR was for traveling. Not that I won’t have my DSLR with me, but for times I want to shoot jpegs of people I meet, random memory shots, small travel and blog videos, and photos I won’t be using in my photofolio. The G10 will also be good for camping and summer hikes. Those who have hiked with me know that I’m the guy on the trail with a backpack and a ‘frontpack’. This will eliminate the need to carry that view binding backpack in the front and help me not kick the earth as I fall.

Lately I have been carrying the G10 for times that it was not practical to carry around a large DLSR. I’ve been taken food shots, random candids, and friend outings. I would have loved to have it for the last concert I went to (the G10 wasn’t out at that time). The G10 would have been ideal since I was not allowed to carry in my DSLR.

Instead of a lengthy review of the G10 (since there are plenty out there if you ask The Google), here are my pros and cons that apply to me:


  • Very good photo quality so far
  • Shoots in RAW format which has endless processing capabilities
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Build quality is amazing. From the metal body, top dials, to the rubber grip. In the hand it forms and feels of heavy quality. I have trouble keeping a small camera steady during shots. The size of the G10 is big enough to allow me more control out of a compact camera.
  • Multiple focusing points and manual focus point control
  • Exposure and Aperture dials on top allow for fast adjustments and easy access
  • Shots up to ISO 400 are excellent. ISO 800 at times are acceptable.
  • 3″ LCD is crystal clear. Also has a wide angle of view. Meaning you can view the LCD from side to side and still will be able to see the image pretty clearly.
  • Fast startup time


  • Almost 15 million pixels. Less is more for a small CCD sensor.
  • The shutter button is a bit sensitive. I’m one that likes to compose a shot, press the shutter, and then half press the shutter again to get another shot ready. The second half press sometimes presses completely and takes another shot.
  • Some noticeable noise above ISO 800
  • Shooting with a compact camera feels like shooting with a toy in comparison to an SLR. At not fault to the G10.

That’s it for now folks. Keep on shooting out there and remember to have fun doing it.