To get your pictures to stand out more, add a border around your image. This gives the picture some more pop and adds another element to the overall look and feel. I use the “Museum Border” around some of my images. I use Adobe’s Lightroom 2 to process my pictures and then I export them borderless into my library. I then upload to Flickr and use the extended Picnik application to add the border (BTW, I get no kick backs from Flickr or Picnik for this blog entry. I wish I did though. Then you’d see every other blog post about Flickring!). I never add a border during export. When you upload to Flickr (or another online album), the image goes through a rendering process and the borders can become too thick or even too thin. Also, not adding a border during export allows you to use the image for other applications such as printing.

That’s it? That’s the tip!? I’ve already seen tons of images with borders…lame…..

OK, here’s the tip. Borders are all subjective (just like photography as a whole), so here’s my take. Speaking on the lines of borders being too thin or too thick, make sure they are not one of those two things. Too thin, what’s the point of the border? Looks like you added distracting lines. Too thick, that will take the attention off the image and the viewers eye will wander to the border itself. See the samples below.

Too Thin:




Too Thick:




***If you want to get a little more creative with your borders, try adding  some curves. There ya go, two tips in one post:


Experiment, try out different borders and see which one works for you.

Happy Snapping!