Theo Chocolate

Here is a fun day activity for those looking to enjoy some time outside of the house. Go check out the Theo Chocolate factory in Fremont (Seattle, WA). Not only is the store front a good place to try out the large assortments of chocolate samples, but consider taking the factory tour for a learning experience. The tour is about an hour long and you will need to book way in advance as it’s limited to about 15-20 people. At the end of your visit, you will be completely over dosed with chocolate. Here are some pros, one con (and barely one), and some tips about the store and tour. Also, check out my flickr site for some photos.


  • On the tour you will sample a lot of chocolate
  • Theo Chocolate is Fair Trade Certified
  • The tour is very educational
  • On the tour you will sample a lot of chocolate
  • Theo Chocolate has partnered with Jane Goodall
  • Chocolate sampling is highly encouraged


  • I went on a Sunday tour and we didn’t actually get to see the machines operate. However, the guide was educational and explained each process thoroughly.


  • Don’t try any of the chocolates before the tour starts. Learn the different varieties of chocolates and try them along the tour to better appreciation them.
  • Some reviewers on whined / cried suggested that you don’t buy the chocolate at the store front since it’s cheaper through their distributors. I’m all for bargains, but I won’t hesitate supporting a company that is involved with organizations for a good cause (which is rare).