Plush iPhone

I purchased a 3G iPhone recently partly due to force and also because waaay deep down inside me somewhere I wanted one.

So far my relationship with iPhone has been excellent. I’m enjoying the quality time. Like all relationships, one of us is bound to act up. I’m still upset at Mobile Safari crashing on occasion. Everyone has flaws. For now, all is forgiven. My OCD’ness doesn’t enjoy iPhone’s hygiene. With a quick swipe of a microfiber cloth, it’s clean again (It’s not you iPhone, it’s me). Down with glossy. All in all, I’m happy we’ve made a connection and hopefully I won’t drop you, literally.

Just like any other hobby of mine and/or ‘toy’, I must obsessively research it and follow multiple blogs. Below is a random list of iPhone items:

Stay on top of the App Store:

Blogs I’m following:


  • 10 iPhone tips & tricks (Remember to read the comments for more tips & tricks): Tap Tap Tap

Lastly, here are the iPhone apps I’ve downloaded:

iPhone Screen 1

iPhone Screen 2

iPhone Screen 3