Death by Nikon. I didn’t get any free cool Canon swag………

Death by Nikon

I did get to manhandle a Canon 5D Mark II. How sweet it was. Can’t wait til March!

Canon 5D Mark II

I got to see and meet some really cool people:

Frederick V. Johnson

He’s on top of my list of very cool people. Genuine and a very nice guy.

Frederick Johnson

Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne

Steve Wozniak

The Woz

The guys. Brian Lam and Jason Chen.

I won’t get your names mixed up next time…(in pic: Jason…left…Brian…right…or wait…)

And for some clips

Sitting and waiting for the doors to open…or for the staff to let us in.

Very loud speaker friend.

Oh how the line grew. This was just for the North Moscone Center. I wonder how the South side was.

Covert camera action with Scott Bourne.

Tomorrow’s plan, check out Leo Laporte’s feature presentation and then find me an iPhone clip.