Introducing iQuickie…the fast, last minute, I’m late for an appointment but never too late for……that iPhone update?

AppTheater: Want to see how an app runs on an iPhone before you give up that hard earned $0.99 + tax? AppTheater is your one stop solution to check out videos of iPhone applications. As of this post there are 420 (not on purpose…maybe) videos available. 420 out of 15,000 (and growing) apps isn’t much, but looks like AppTheater users are increasing daily.

WhereTraveler: iPhone optimized travel website. I mainly use this site for the TIPApp. Another way to rely on technology and use less of my brain.

17 Powerful Bookmarklets: From, this posting has been around for awhile but deserves another mention. To learn how to add bookmarklets to Mobile Safari, check out Tabulate’s instructions. My favorite of the 17 bookmarklets is the Movie Times Google search.

Aaaah, that was fast. Hopefully we’ll have many more encounters like this in the near future.