africa meds

I have officially been super poked for my upcoming Africa trip. I feel as if I have a protected shield against harmful viruses and diseases. Bring it Africa. Just kidding, don’t. 3 shots and a $415 pharmaceutical bll later, I am now up to date with the needed vaccines and have a large quantity of Malaria pills as travel companions.

This is the first (I think) post about my upcoming globetrotting adventures. The original intent of this blog was to write about my travels (hence the domain I plan to have many more write-ups about my journey from cubical dweller to nomadic drifter. Many of my friends and family members have known I’ve been wanting to travel to Africa for a few years now. There was always a reason why not to. Last year there was this house thing, and the year before that there was a time thing, and then before that there wassss, and before that…..but I’ll go next year, well, maybe later, definitely next year, definitely, definitely… more! 2009 is THE year.

With any long term travel, there’s always sacrifices: Sold the house, notified the friends and families, broke the news to the cubical bosses, quitting my IT job of 6 years, quitting my comfortable fixed income. Good thing I’m not married, otherwise I’d have to divorce the wife and sell the kids…..jk…..?

Upcoming write-ups will include my packing list and itinerary. Until then, Africa 2009…here I come!