I’ve never really enjoyed carrying around a tripod during my photo outings. I like to be mobile, be able to move around the subject without setting up, etc. This helps me be more creative. However, this does limit the ability to have tack sharp images in some tricky lighting situation. I was using a heavy “Manfrotto Baggins” (as I like to call it) tripod until my recent travel equipment purchase.

I didn’t want to compromise any of my shots in Africa, so I decided to purchase a lightweight robust tripod for myself. The Gitzo 1541T. This thing is so light that I was concerned about the load factor. The day after I got it, I threw the legs into the ocean (very un-OCD of me) to capture this shot. So far this bad boy has held up perfectly. Some features:

  • The sexy legs are made of Gitzo’s 6X Carbon…droooool…
  • Weighing in at only 2.1lbs (total weight + GH1780QR Head: 2.9lbs!!! Perfect in my backpack)
  • Load weight: Max 17.6lbs
  • Closed length at only 16.1″


The tripod also came with a nice bonus. The Gitzo GC1201T bag. Although they look very similar, this is not the same bag as the Gitzo GC1200T bag. The GC1200T is not suppose to be able to fit the GT1541T tripod as it was only intended for the GT1550T tripod. I have not been able to find any information on the GC1201T bag. It’s not even listed on the Gitzo site.