I was technically booked last week, but I am finally booked! Yay! After months of dealing with one tour company, I decided to ditch them (or they ditched me) and go with a more reputable company. I’m not going to name the first company or speak too badly about them on the blog. If you want to know who to avoid in my opinion, email me. Although they go by by 3 different names and are associated to multiple companies…

Plan A & B – First tour company. 56 days. Cape Town to Nairobi or vice versa. Start in June or July, end in August. That didn’t happen. After months of planning and lack of communication with the first tour company, this plan fell through. The last conversation I had left off with them saying they will call/email on April 7th…still waiting. Here’s a tip for other tour companies: If your customer says “I have money on hand ready to book a trip”, you should take it seriously and get that money first before lacking in communication. I haven’t informed them that I’m not longer booking through them. I guess I’ll do that when they contact me again…if ever.

Plan C – Oasis Overland Adventure Travels Black and white. Day and night. Compared to the first company. Not only do they communicate well, their site has all the information you would ever need before you take off. They are located in the UK and are always available when needed. Here’s another bonus, they are half the cost of the first tour company. I guess things happen for a reason. I’m glad i didn’t give my money to the wrong company. So, thank you first tour company for not accepting the money I begged you to take.

I will be going with Oasis Overland Adventure Travels and doing their 90 Days Grand Adventurer. That’s Nairobi to Johannesburg…or “Jo’burg” as the cool kids call it. I won’t be able to call it that until I’ve been there. Instead of 56 days I will be on the tour for 90 days. Wow. And, instead of starting June/July since I was busy galavanting with the other tour company, I will be starting on August 3 ending on October 31. Later than I originally planned, but will still be in the winter to early spring season so I don’t melt. The delay also almost jeopardized  my chances of hiking to the mountain gorillas in Uganda, but last I’ve heard from Oasis is that we may have gotten permits to hike in Rwanda to another family of mountain gorillas. I would love to visit Rwanda and see how they’ve overcome such a horrid situation.

In total, I will be visiting 11 countries in 90 days: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Lesotho.

For a sample itinerary, check out this link.

For a review of Oasis, written back in 2006 about the 73 days Nairobi to Cape Town tour.

Now back to buying more supplies and the dreaded wait for departure day.