world nomads

I decided to purchase travel insurance through World Nomads. They were personally recommended, BootsnAll Travel preferred, and I knew a couple people who are actually using them. That all helped my decision. Also for full coverage, they were the most affordable compared to other quotes I received from other insurers. For 4 months, I’m paying a total of $195. Can’t beat that. For a general list of coverage, check out BootsnAll Travel’s comparison chart.

What was not covered was all of my photography equipment…and I’m bringing a pricey amount. In my bag, I’ll have 2 SLR camera bodies, 3 lenses, and another prosumer point and shoot camera. Since I no longer have a house, I no longer have home insurance where I can add this equipment to my policy. I’m going through State Farm and they are providing full coverage. I’m talking MSRP and some for a premium of $130! That’s under $11 a month for a peace of mind. The initial intention was to cover any mishaps in Africa, but at that rate I’ll most likely continue the coverage going forward. I haven’t received all of the fine print yet, but there is no deductible and I can add, remove, and increase/decrease the coverage amount on the fly. Once I get more details, I’ll post more info.

Here is my agent’s info if you want to get your stuff insured as well:

Personal Articles Insurance:

  • Agent: Becky Schuler
  • Address: 1132 164th ST SW Ste B, Lynnwood, WA 98087-8167
  • Phone # 425-742-8700

Click on the logo for her website: State Farm