ATM Skimmer

I have been noticing a lot of media coverage about ATM Skimmers on the web blogs that I consistently follow. I’ve sent out a few emails to friends and family to be aware of this situation. I don’t want my hard earned money to get in the hands of thieves and would hate to see someone else go through it as well. Thought I’d throw up a quick post to get more media attention to this issue. Right now it doesn’t seem like there are any procedures to handle this type of crime, but there should be and will be if it gets more attention.

Aside from yanking all of the different mechanisms next time I’m at the ATM, I’m also going to starting fingering a bunch of buttons on the keypad. It seems that where there’s an ATM Skimmer, there’s a camera somewhere pointed at the keypad.

Here is a list of sources for more information:

This brings back memories of Where’s Waldo and makes me want to go around the town finding ATM skimmers. To protect yourself further, asking The Googles will provide you with some good prevention tips.