Hey Folks. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. It’s been awhile since my last post so here’s a quick update:

I’ve been in San Francisco spending time with Jeanie and trying out this city life before I head off to my African excursion. Adjusting to public transportation hasn’t been as bad as previously anticipated. I enjoy how lively city life is. The weather here is nicer than Seattle, but colder than I thought it would be. At least it’s dry. I haven’t had great food here which I was hoping for. Need to get out and try more restaurants. Lastly, walking around the city is tiring. I need to start working out…we’ll see.

I haven’t posted on the blog, but I have uploaded a few pics on both my Flickr Photofolio site and Flickr Zungua site. Check them out. Also, I’m a Twitter fanboy. Everyone should join so I can stalk you. There’s my plug.

I’m heading to Napa Valley for the weekend then back to SF. I’ll be in Seattle June 6th-14th. I’ll update my Africa status at that time and hope to post a few videos up. Here’s my growing list of video ideas, hopefully my friend Procrastination won’t show up.

  1. What I’m packing to Africa
  2. How I’m packing everything
  3. My ultralight, convenient , camping items squished down to nothing obsession

My last thought for today, I’ve missed the last 3 2 (thanks JTrey!) MotoGP races due to lack of Speed Channel access. I guess if I were a true fan, I’d pay for the Motogp.com subscription. Maybe I’ll check out the Mugello race at the SF Dainese store. I need another one of the shirts I shrunk anyways. Go Rossi!