I’m a big fan of Flickriver. So much that I want to put up a quick post on it.

Created by developer, photographer, computer whiz Alex Sirota. Flickriver is a new way to view your Flickr photostream and/or photo set that also includes many features and benefits. Two features that I really enjoy are the ability to view the images larger and having a black background.

Viewing images larger in Flickr has been a huge gripe to me. Having a larger image size helps viewers really appreciate the beauty of the photograph. You can set your Flickr account to view all sizes, but that also allows viewers to download the original image. When you restrict that option, the images are then too small to view. AND…well, in order to not de-rail this post, I’ll stop there and not dive in any deeper in detail.

Back to Flickriver, it’s free and you can also easily set up a badge to display on your website. For a sample of Flickriver, check out my Flickriver here. Create yours now!