Another post about not posting 🙂 Here’s the reason excuse: I’ve been busy working on my photofolio site. The plan is to launch a new website where folks can enjoy seeing my work in a “professional/business” like environment and away from Flickr. It will not only contain a gallery, but a fully functional eCommerce. I have a lot of other ideas juggling around in my head. Hopefully I can launch the site before I set off on my big trip. Otherwise, who knows when it will be launched…..

Working on this project has taught me many things. One item in particular I’ve noticed while categorizing my work is that I need to expand on specific themes. I don’t want to alter my style of shooting, but I do want to be more consistent in my library. My goal is to shoot within those themes until I build up a nice shiny photofolio. This will help keep me focused and give me direction while out shooting.

For now, the best place to find me is on Twitter (@danielkha). Add me if you would like to keep up with what I’m doing.

Keep an eye out for a larger more formal announcement of the new site launch. What’s the addy? Surprise, it’s: Going there now will take you to an amazing wondrous place you couldn’t even imagine…..or back here.