Finally got a good enough interwebs connection to put a few posts up. This is my first report from Africa. Keeping it short as I don’t know how long I’ll be connected.

July 28th – Flew SEA > LHR > DOH > NBO

  • SEA > LHR: I got red flagged due to some system match. Ended up being the last one on and was lucky enough to not have to check in my bags. However, an amazing Boeing 777.
  • LHR > DOH: 2 hours is not enough time to connect. Ran through LHR. Completely out of shape.
  • DOH > NBO: Typical flight.

July 30th – Arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. Taxied over to Wildebeest Camp. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Aug 3rd – Tour starts. YAY! Can’t wait to get out of Nairobi. Camping at Lake Naivasha Fishermans Camp in Kenya.

  • Camped close to the lake, but not close to the shore. Wild hippos come out at night to graze along the shore. They are ginormous!

Aug 4th – Camped at some random bush camp in Kenya.

Aug 5th – Uganda. Camped at Red Chili in Kampala, Uganda.

Aug 6th – Uganda. Camped at Little Ritz in Kabali, Uganda.

Aug 7th – No tents for 4 days. At a dorm hostel called Fatima in Ruhengeri, Rwanda.

  • Rwanda is my favorite country so far out of the three visited. Everyone is so friendly and rules are more enforced.
  • Hiked to the mountain gorillas on Volcanoes National Park. Amazing. The family was lead by a large silver back and the family was made up of females and one baby. At one point, two females were performing sexual acts with each other and the silver back got pissed. Big no no in mountain gorilla society. The silver back literally ran through us, bit the female, then ran back and brushed our legs. That’s how close we get to them. Speechless.

Aug 8th – Still at Fatima. Saw the Banana Beer making process.

Aug 9th – Still at Fatima. 2 hour hike to some lakes and waterfalls. Then a canoe ride around the lake.

Side note. I don’t do holes for bathrooms. End note.