Sept 23 – Kasane, Botswana (Thebe River Camp): Chobe river safari cruise. Largest density of elephants. No kidding. There were tons. Could count over 100 from wqhat we could see but there were many more.

Found out Carol our tour leader will be leaving us before Cape Town. We’ll be getting a new leader named Sam who is Colin’s GF.

Thanks Carol, for all you’ve done. The majority of people appreciate your hard work. Unfortunately some are blind.

Sept 24 – Maun, Botswana (Sitatunga Camp): Another long drive. Another thinking period.

Sept 25 & 26 – Okavango Delta, Botswana (Bush Camp): Finally made it there and all expectations held up. Too bad I was only there for two nights. Could have stayed here for a couple weeks. This place is vast and large. Only walked about 3% of it. Highlights: Three water buffalos charged us, Mokoro sunset cruise to the hippo pool (goes beyond all logic on how close we got to them), found me some procupine quills!

Sept 27 – Maun, Botswana (Sitatunga Camp): Scenic flight over the Okavango Delta. No loopty loops however.

Sept 28 – Tsidilo Hills, Botswana (Bush Camp): Hot long drive. Decided not to hike to see rock paintings.

Sept 29 – Baobob Tree, Namibia (Bush Camp): Big ole baobobby tree.

Sept 30 – Etosha, Namibia (Okakeujo Camp): The most fantastical lodge we’ve stayed in by far. Too bad we were only here for one day. The bar even had a beer on draught. Of course, another light beer. The lodge is next to a watering hole where animals congregate at night to drink. I could have sat there all day/night and watched. Got to see how animals act at night trying to get a single sip of water.

Oct 01 – Kamanjab, Namibia (Cheetah Park): Hung out with two tamed adult cheetahs and a cub. Great photos with them. After, we fed 19 untamed rescued cheetahs. They are wild…

Oct 02 – Brakenburg Mountains, Namibia (Bush Camp): Another missed photo op. Stooopid me. Had the opportunity to capture the Himba Tribe. Didn’t go…no excuses.

Oct 03 – Namibia (Bush Camp): Our last bush camp for the entire trip. I survived having to do “big business” in the bush! Beautiful campsite located in the middle of a mountain range. I could stay here for a couple weeks to take photos.

Oct 04-06 – Swakopmund, Namibia (Swakop Lodge): A strange little German town located in the middle of the dunes. Feels good to get off the truck for a few days. Sandboarded/Sledded down dunes and went quad biking. I have not had that much fun on a vehicle as I did quad biking the dunes. It was having a blast! Highly recommended for anyone considering it. Ate at the Lighthouse restaurant. Huge portions and a delicious t-bone steak…the XL pints weren’t too bad either.

Oct 07 – Sessriem, Namibia (Agama Camp): Quick stop by Solitaire Camp for the famous apple strudels. Another long drive day.

Oct 08 – Bethanie, Namibia (Konkeip Lapa Camp): 5Am start. Soussusvlei (pronounced: ‘sausage fillet’) Tour. Climbed the famous Dune 45. All the way to the top. Even pocketed some sand to take home. I even wanted to mark my territory.

Oct 09 – Orange River, South Africa (Fiddler’s Creek Camp): Second to last country on the trip. Quick stop to Fish River Canyon. This is what I imagine the Grand Canyon to be like.

Oct 10 – South Africa (Clan William Camp): Skipped out on wine tasting with cheese. I did figure out that I can enjoy a glass of Rose wine. Observed people that don’t drink get drunk. Hmmm, good to be 21 again I guess.

Oct 11 – Stellenbosch, South Africa (Stumble Inn): Rain rain rain. 3 of 4 truck cleans. Modified version this time because of the rain. Arrived in Stellenbosch in the arvo. Another small German town with lots of restaurants I want to try. However, not enough time here for that. Apparently this is the wine capital of South Africa. Reminds me of Nappa Valley with RJ, but with a wider range of stores and actual people around.

Our tour leader Carol left us this day. How sad…

Oct 12 -Stellenbosch, South Africa (Stumble Inn): Rain again…skipping the wine tour. Wandered the streets with me lonesome. Feels good to get away from the group at times. Found a rare item that I’ve been searching for throughout the trip. RJ will love it.

Oct 13 – Cape Town, South Africa (Backpackers): Cape Town here I come!!!

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