Oct 23 – Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa (Island Vibe): Hang over day. Ate at The Mexican in the arvo.

Oct 24 – Addo, South Africa (Orange Elephant Camp): Safari through Addo National Park.

Oct 25 – Aliwal North, Lesotho (Moorosi Chalets): Aussie Tim and New Zealand Sarah (The last couple) had someone try to get into their tent. Luckily they went to bed early and were in there. Crazy, crazy, CRAZY rain, thunder, lighting storm while entering Lesotho. So crazy that the water made the roads too muddy and dangerous to drive. We had to park on the side of the road to camp. No pitching tents. We all decided to slumber in Gunga (our truck).

Oct 26 – Malealea, Lesotho (Malealea Lodge): Rain go away!!! Drove through the Gates Of Paradise. Still in the storm. Hail the size of marbles hit us hard. Poor Gunga and her fiberglass roof…and our ears.

Oct 27 – Malealea, Lesotho (Malealea Lodge): Quazi sunny day. Rain teasing us for now. Skipped out on the pony trek through the landscapes of Lesotho. The next time I ride a horse’ish like animal is when RJ wants to experience it. Otherwise, not on my own terms.

Amazing local family village dinner with Meusi and his son Dohwa (misspelling the names). Thank you again!

4AM, thunder and lightning storms are back. Stayed up and watched the lightning from my tent door. Flashed bright every couple seconds.

Oct 28 – Drakensberg National Park, South Africa (Maahai Camp) – G’bye Lesotho. Last new country of the trip, however it didn’t want us to go right away. We got stuck in the mud. Shovels + pushing + mud + rocks + mud + locals + 2 hours = finally on our way. Drove through the Golden Gate National Park. Beautiful landscape.

Oct 29 – Drakensberg National Park, South Africa (Maahai Camp) – Raining again. Ugh! Will not be able to hike the Dragensberg National Park. Lame.

Oct 30 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Final dinner with everyone at Moyo.

Oct 31 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Official end of our tour. Sad.

Nov 1-3 – Johannesberg, South Africa (The Backpacker Ritz of Johannesberg) – Watched Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” and “District 9”. Visited Shopping Malls.

Skipped out on Kruger National Park due to multiple reasons.

Nov 4 & 5 – London, England (Sleeping at LHR): One day in London. Brilliant city. I want to move here.

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